The differences between TikTok and the new Instagram Reels

The differences between TikTok and the new Instagram Reels

We compared them and we understood that Mark Zuckerberg's social network did it again: once again he copied from the "neighbor"

(Graphic reworking: Gabriele Porro) Yesterday, Wednesday 5 August, Instagram presented the Reels to the world, short videos similar to those of TikTok. The platform owned by Mark Zuckerberg is not new to copying: for Stories it was clearly inspired by Snapchat. But, exactly as it happens during a class assignment, when the classmate asks you to pass him the answers and you: "Ok, but change something, so we don't deliver two identical checks", he thought it well to propose some variations, now and in the past.

(Image: Gabriele Porro / Wired)

TikTok vs Instagram Reels: discover the differences

Layout of Reels (left) and TikTok (right) compared (image: Gabriele Porro / Wired) We have analyzed the two products in detail. First of all, TikTok gives the possibility to record clips lasting 15 or 60 seconds, while Reels for the moment is limited to those of 15.

A second detail that catches the eye is the layout: the social network TikTok has the tools to create the video on the right of the screen, unlike the competitor who places them on the left.

The tools in question are almost the same, since both platforms allow you to interact with the audio, change the speed of the video, insert the visual effects and set a timer for the duration of the clip.

in Short, the two products are quite similar. Proof: immediately after the launch of the Reels of Instagram, and on the platform have started to appear in the first content multi-clip, and we have noted that among those highlighted many others were not re-upload content created with TikTok zoommati so as to put out of range the logo, delicate and the app's chinese.

TikTok (left) and Instagram Reels (to the right) of actress Ashley Tisdale Probably, many influencers and creator on Instagram took advantage of the day-one of Reels to use ready-made content and test the new functionality. Therefore, you need to wait a few days to start to see the first Reels made natively on Ig .

TikTok, for its part, grants the possibility to the users, in tandem with the others to create video-collaborations and has an algorithm that suggests the clip according to the interests, thing that Instagram still does not have. The latter now has to simultaneously manage Stories, photos, short videos, Igtv, and the last to arrive Reels . In so doing, the new product might not get the right focus .

it Is a fact that Reels is, however, an alternative to the TikTok definitely valid , probably because he looks (too).

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