Tencent, the US government ban does not involve gaming: LoL, PUBG and Epic save

Tencent, the US government ban does not involve gaming: LoL, PUBG and Epic save
The latest aggressive move by the US government to hit China prompted him to impose a 45-day ban on all Tencent and ByteDance businesses, respectively the companies that own WeChat and TikTok. The Trump administration, however, is currently a move designed to target social networks and does not affect the other activities of these giants. Not a small element, especially considering that the gaming division of Tencent has its hands in the dough a bit everywhere and would risk blocking the activities of games such as League of Legends, PUBG, Clash Royale and even Epic Games.

Today morning we told you about TikTok and the fact that Trump has banned the app from the USA. The same provision was also extended to Tencent, the giant that owns WeChat. The reasons are related to national security, which would not be guaranteed by the Chinese ownership of these two social networks.

For a few hours it was thought that the inability to do business with these companies for 45 days was about the entirety of their activities in the USA. Activities that for Tencent means Riot (League of Legends), PUBG, SuperCell (Clash Royale), Ubisoft, Epic Games (40%) and Paradox.

The White House, however, specified after a few hours that this ban applies to all WeChat-related activities, saving at least the gaming division for the time being. Being under the Trump administration's magnifying glass, however, puts the entertainment giant at the forefront of the ongoing US-China trade war, potentially making it a prime target for future retaliation.

What do you think of this whole situation?


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