Ten legendary video game songs

Ten legendary video game songs


Monkey Island Opening Theme Ezio's Family Theme Kingdom Hearts Opening Theme (Hikari / Simple and Clean) Dragonborn Skyrim Main Theme Snake Eater Metal Gear Solid 3 Halo Theme Leaving Earth Mass Effect 3 Uncharted Saga Nate's Theme The Last of Us One Winged Angel We have been here several times talking about music and video games. We did it by telling you about the life of legendary composers and we even dedicated a column in our schedule to music in video games, before Twitch upset everything. But what are the most legendary songs that have left their mark in the history of video games? Many, is the first legitimate answer to this question. For this reason, it would be impossible to list them all, but choosing ten in a representative way seemed interesting to us to retrace some melody that over time has touched various chords of gamers. Here is our personal list of ten legendary songs in the history of video games.

Monkey Island Opening Theme

In 1990, The Secret of Monkey Island, an adventure, made its debut on the computer screens of fans graphics that would have left their mark, an immortal point and click that still today is a beacon in the night for those who want to apply a certain type of humor and desecration within their game. When Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert conceived what was the first chapter of this saga for LucasArts, they entrusted the composition to Michael Z. Land, a genius who was entering the world of video games at that time. The Caribbean sounds of the soundtrack allowed Land to show off all his genius and talent. He who came from classical piano and later bass studies, characterized the opening theme with a melody rich in winds and percussion that still echoes in the halls of the videogame Olympus.

Ezio's Family Theme

we have told You how Jesper Kyd was one of the most influential composers in the history of gaming and how his genius mind has created over the years, many of the OST most appreciated by the critics and the gamers. The song with which he has flung open the doors of the olympus, however, is Ezio''s Family , legendary song that is closely linked to one of the most iconic of the modern era of video games: Ezio Auditore. Assassin's Creed II was an almost perfect circle, a set of details on high, which allowed the title to enter in the hearts of many. Even today, the sound of Ezio''s Family are re-arranged for each new chapter of the saga is going to represent a symbol now inseparable. The choirs staged by the passage of Kyd managed to give that air of the renaissance, which combined perfectly with the violin solo and guitar accompaniment.

Kingdom Hearts Opening Theme (Hikari/Simple and Clean)

Also in this case, we have told you previously like Yoko Shimomura has represented a milestone within the history of music in video games. If his story is full of great songs, his masterpiece is surely the soundtrack of the first Kindgom Hearts . Inside the soundtrack there is, however, a song of an artist, Hikaru Utada , who is considered one of the most significant of the gaming world. Not only the song allowed the artist to establish itself even outside of the japanese territory, but the presentation of the piece within the game has become, even in this case, a symbol with all the opening theme follow-up have been entrusted to her. Woodwind, strings, percussion, composition, orchestral this song has created a melody can awaken emotions already from the first notes.

Dragonborn Skyrim Main Theme

Jeremy Soule is a composer very important to the history of games, having composed music for a wide variety of titles, most of which are very acclaimed by critics and audiences. Within these incredible works, there is, however, a song that, for a variety of reasons ever since its first appearance in the trailer of the announcement of the title, has bewitched the audience. The piece in question is a Dragonborn, and the game is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The song is iconic for its vocals that dominate, able from the outset to offer the feel of epic norse which is steeped in the game.

Snake Eater Metal Gear Solid 3

That Hideo Kojima love to do things on a large scale is known, as is his passion for cinema. In Metal Gear Solid 3 with this passion and reach a higher level with the opening of the game, which refers to the large openings of the film dedicated to James Bond. Snake Eater , this is the title of the song that embraces the player in the beginning of his adventure in MGS3 is a tribute full of love but also one of the openings the most powerful in the history of gaming. Cynthia Harrell, soul voice warm and full of nuances, packs a performance is sublime on the notes of an arrangement (Mark Holden) that reflects perfectly the atmosphere of the most important spy movies of the history.

Halo Theme

When you talk about music in video games, one can not think of Martin O'donnell , a composer who made the story far and wide, and who has composed some of the songs more iconic than ever. In this case, we would like to mention the Halo Theme , a melody that has been handed down from chapter to chapter and in some way, has remained as a legacy of a brand that has made history. Let's talk about a song that has entered in a predominant way the sounds and Gregorian in title, sci-fi, showing how the music is universal and even two worlds apparently distant, can be united. A piece that not only represents a symbol of the saga, but inside it contains the sounds themselves that are found in the game in so many other elements like for example the sound design for the environment.

Leaving Earth Mass Effect 3

Arrived at this point we can not quote from Clint Mansell . We speak of the composer's Lux Aeterna, the song which after being the soundtrack of Requiem for a Dream has become an instrument iconic to many trailers including the Sunshine, The da Vinci Code and the Lord of The Rings - The Two Towers. Mansell, after having worked in the film industry has been contacted to work on the soundtrack of Mass Effect 3 , going to create one of the best songs of the iconic recent history of the video game. A piece full of pathos well suited to the themes dealt with in the title Game, in a crescendo, which arrives at the opening of the horn with a great emphasis on the proposed theme on the piano. Listening highly recommended for those who missed this great work.

Uncharted Saga Nate''s Theme

The history of video games is full of moments in which the cinema is in a state of strong inspiration, one of these is definitely the influence of large-screen vis-à-vis the saga of Uncharted . The piece tied to the protagonist, Nathan Drake is a timeless jewel, that it could well be the soundtrack of a film, other times like the Indiana Jones (even if the only real product worthy of note in this case that would be Relic Hunter). To accompany the works of Naughty Dog is clearly challenging, but the sounds of an epic song created by Greg Edmonson cheer up the listening and providing the right weight to the tune dedicated to one of the most influential characters of the last two generations of console.

The Last of Us

Impossible regardless of Gustavo Santaolalla and his song, which takes its name from the homonymous game. The argentine composer, twice academy Award winner , has given us a song that will remain in the history. His ability to play the guitar in a light but at the same time without skimping emotions has convinced critics and audiences also in the field of video games, bringing him to be considered one of the most influential composers in the field of entertainment of modern times, like Hans Zimmer.

One Winged Angel

At the end of the article, but not because they are not important, no you can not to mention one of the most influential composers in the history of music in video games, or Nobuo Uematsu with his One Winged Angel . We're talking about an author who has experienced so much, who has used his passion and his training as a base to bring in the world of video games as much contamination as possible from the world of classical music and. His piece the most iconic and, in our opinion, remains just that. A composition, which is influenced both by Jimi Hendrix, both songs from the medieval, both the songs "O Fortuna", and that marries very well the character referenced, or Sephiroth.

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