Surface Duo: Microsoft is finally serious

Surface Duo: Microsoft is finally serious
Microsoft firmly believes in the possibility of having a say in mobile territory: Surface Duo is the device that will mark the return of the brand in a market that has certainly not seen it shine so far. It will do so shortly, perhaps very soon if the rumors about the upcoming debut prove to be well founded. And in the meantime the Redmond team hires, creating a team that will work tirelessly on the post-launch support of the product and the creation of its successors under the careful guidance of Panos Panay.

Microsoft Surface Duo, we're almost there

A few job announcements relating to open positions in the team called "Surface Post Launch Software" testify to this. The dual screen smartphone of the Surface range will have the not simple task of further narrowing the gap that still separates the PC world from the mobile universe, also and above all in order to satisfy those looking for a new solution for productivity. A vision reaffirmed yesterday also when, on the occasion of the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Note20, new features were unveiled, intended precisely for those who want a complete cross-device experience.

New details are also popping up today related to the operating system. Until June, Microsoft had entrusted the development of the platform, which we remember to be based on Android, to some third parties, including the Movial team based in Romania. In July, however, the Redmond team decided to create an internal team for this purpose, hiring some of those who in the past have already been engaged on the Surface Duo OS.

Recent rumors they would like the device on the market already by the end of August, maybe by Monday the 24th, well in advance of the timing set in a first moment to the end of the year. Will not go so well, instead, the Surface Neo (in the gallery above), another dual screen in the middle between a tablet and a small laptop, but now based on the version X Windows 10 . Has been officially postponed to a later date or in any case not before 2021.

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