Success stories (unexpected)

Success stories (unexpected)


Final Fantasy Flappy Bird Pokemon GO Shovel Knight The Sims It can happen that the life of a video game is a real "sliding doors": an event, or just luck, can change the destiny of a product initially conceived with little conviction or poor sales projections, projecting it unexpectedly into the Olympus of the greatest, sometimes directly into the history of this extraordinary means of entertainment. The reasons for these videogame successes are not fully known: sometimes word of mouth among fans, the advertising rumble or particularly enthusiastic reviews that have been able to stimulate the imagination and curiosity of video game lovers could be enough, the fact is that by simple betting many productions have literally become videogame "cult". Let's find out together five decidedly unexpected ones chosen by us, but in the comments we are waiting to know which are yours, of course.

Final Fantasy

It is difficult to think that the planetary success of Final Fantasy has been entirely unexpected, but that's how it went. The most famous jrpg franchise in the world had a troubled and not so obvious initial gestation, so much so that the name of the game itself, with that suffix "Final", would have presaged that this would have been the last creation of a now dying SquareSoft. The Japanese house, in fact, shortly before the release of the game poured into murky waters and risked bankruptcy: Final Fantasy represented precisely the "last fantasy" of the company that now no longer hoped for such a resounding success as to bring back the their finances in surplus. The story then went diametrically opposite, marking the beginning of a new era for Square and the beginning of an incredible fame that still does not stop for Final Fantasy. Events, at times, turn in decidedly unexpected directions.

Flappy Bird

The creator of this nice app , a mobile game for the note, would never have thought that in 2014 the Flappy Bird would become the title of most talked about and downloaded of the year, all over the world. The success that we had this simple but fun software was totally unexpected and still inexplicably charming. Flappy Bird was a game simple, although quite frustrating, is that almost all owners of a smartphone at the time you unloaded in memory. The overwhelming success of the app was so sudden that the programmer, this Dong Nguyen, removed from all the online shop feeling guilty for his nature too " addictive ". Do you think that still there are people who are selling their (old) phone with Flappy Bird installed, since it has become a rarity, the prices of these devices went through the roof on all platforms of online auctions. Through advertising, its creator managed to earn over 50 thousand dollars per day, as is the case to say that money doesn't make happiness.

Pokemon GO

to Talk about a Nintendo game, and associate it with a success unexpected it may appear as a contradiction, given that the japanese company is known for the programming and the quality of its games. Despite this, the landing on the smartphone was not a deal at all granted, as well as their success on different devices from those of auto products (see: Nintendo 3DS). Pokemon GO on the contrary, not only was a worldwide hit crazy, but also marked a whole generation by becoming one of the most downloaded and played games in the world, and still today, after years, enjoys excellent health, constant updates and a gameplay that is quite innovative (even if in fact there were already similar titles). Our opinion is that Nintendo had hoped, yes a success, but not of these proportions: Pokemon GO has even beaten the immortal Candy Crush in many countries, becoming the most downloaded in the online shop. His sensational statement has produced two results completely unpredictable before the launch: first of all, people started to use the phone to "turn around" and discover new places, true trend of these last years, thanks to Pokemon GO. The other is that the actions of the mother house are skyrocketing in a very short time. Blessed is the one who had purchased before its launch!

Shovel Knight

let's now Talk about a title developed by an independent house that, most probably, never thought he would become filthy rich with his creature. The boys of the Yacht Club Game, company is based in Los Angeles founded by Sean Valasco (already developer WayForward, a software house active in the field of tie-in and games in license), they were literally overwhelmed by the success of Shovel Knight , an action of the mold "nes 8-bit", with strong influences from Zelda II, Duck Tales, and especially Castlevania. Released for the first time in 2014 after a kickstarter campaign went swimmingly, the game has been supported for years with new editions of the physical and expansions, up to the final version release in 2017. Shovel Knight is today on virtually any platform and has received criticism almost always stellar from specialized magazines and all the online sites in the world, which contributed thus to assert a world famous totally unexpected.

The Sims

let's Speak now of another planetary success, a game incredibly popular, but, initially at least, had not been minimally considered, even by the manufacturers themselves. Yes, when the original developer Maxis introduced its The Sims sales projections, more positive, hovering at a maximum of 150 thousand units sold, that would have been for them a goal. Never imagined, however, that their creature would become one of the greatest titles purchased, downloaded, played and desired in the entire history of gaming on the PC. A celebrity is definitely not budgeted, at least initially. At least until Electronic Arts we put our hands on becoming a publisher and developer, assimilating it completely to the company the original later, in 2015. The Sims has spawned countless sequels, and expansions, and still is, the most recent incarnation (the fourth chapter) and continues to sell well and be one of the most appreciated in the world, more than 6 years from the exit.

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