PS5 will sell less than Nintendo Switch at Christmas for an analyst

PS5 will sell less than Nintendo Switch at Christmas for an analyst
As we all know, towards the end of 2020 (November, in the case of Xbox) we will be able to get our hands on the new generation of consoles. What will happen? Will PS5 and Xbox Series X sell well? Or will we see a slow start? For now it is difficult to say, especially since we do not know what the price of the two gaming machines is. According to an analyst, however, Nintendo Switch will beat PlayStation 5.

This is stated by an analyst of Ace Sec: the expert explains that, this Christmas, the sales of Nintendo Switch will be significantly higher than those of PS5, Sony Interactive Entertainment's next-generation console.

According to what has been explained, the first half of 2020 was positive for many videogame development companies, probably also due to the forced quarantine caused by the COVID-19 epidemic. Despite this, these companies are not confident that they will be able to maintain this trend throughout the year. The only exception is Nintendo, which has sold multiple consoles and games (especially Animal Crossing New Horizons).

However, since the console is sold out in many parts of the world and that multiple players have not had way to buy it in recent months, the next Nintendo Switch Christmas will be in great demand. PS5 will therefore fail to destabilize its rival.

This is an interesting statement, given that the two platforms are rarely compared. The analyst, in essence, believes that Nintendo Switch plays a game of its own and that the target audience will not prioritize the new gaming machines.

Obviously, as always, this is an analysis, not of a certainty: despite being the result of the work of experts, we will be able to be sure of what will happen only next Christmas. It will also be important to understand the price and the actual line-up of PS5, which just today lost Deathloop, officially postponed by the developers. What do you think about it?

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