PS5: the DualSense is shown in photos, details and test on the new controller

PS5: the DualSense is shown in photos, details and test on the new controller
The PS5 DualSense has shown itself in these minutes in a series of new photos, reached a user who on Twitter has started posting images, details and in-depth tests on the new controller.

Obviously it is a sort of trend : after the mysterious white Xbox Series X controller whose box has practically revealed the existence of the Xbox Series S and also the possible release date of the console, this time it is the PS5's DualSense that ends up under the magnifying glass. In this case, the user in question apparently works for a partner manufacturer of Sony in the construction of the controllers, which is why he has a preview model.

Through a series of tweets below , the Galaxy666 user showed the DualSense in more detail in various photos that also illustrate its physical characteristics, as well as a direct comparison with the DualShock 4.

Among the details that emerged is the 1560mA battery, which it is larger than that present in the DualShock 4 and should therefore also guarantee greater autonomy, but there is no security on this. DualSense must also provide haptic feedback and adaptive trigger functionality which are likely to require more resources in terms of battery consumption, so we are waiting for extensive testing.

Great comments regarding the two features in question from the Twitter user: "Much more pleasant and comfortable than the DualShock 4, it won't let you down," he wrote, "The feedback is magical, the triggers have internal mechanical structures that appear to be very complex I think."

The DualSense, on the other hand, seems to be an element that the Sony has the intention to focus a lot, as demonstrated also by chat statement of the CEO of Immersion on the fact that the feedback and haptic will be used as a factor of surprise even for the limited impression they may give only the evolution of graphics from PS4 to PS5.

with regard To PS5, in general, we are waiting to discover the next State of Play , which could happen again in August.

hands on #PS5 controller #Dualsense5 , just got a short test on it. The battery capacity is 1560mA, much more than the PS4 one.

— Galaxy666 (@Galaxyrain666) August 12, 2020 much more pleasant and comfortable than the Dualshock4, you wont be disappointed. the feed back is magical, the triggers inside mechanical structures seems very complex, i think.

— Galaxy666 (@Galaxyrain666) August 12, 2020 sorry , no video. we design and provide accessories for console manufacturers such as SONY and Microsoft, they are both our customers, now we are doing some compatibility testing for #Dualsense5 controller

— Galaxy666 (@Galaxyrain666) August 12, 2020 Source

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