PlayStation State of Play in August: Sony announces the date of the PS5 and PS4 event

PlayStation State of Play in August: Sony announces the date of the PS5 and PS4 event
The State of Play in August finally has a date: the new presentation on the PlayStation news with PS4 and PS5 games finally has a date and will arrive soon, already this week, precisely on August 6, 2020.

So, an appointment for the August 6, 2020, or this Thursday, at 22:00 Italian, with the official presentation by Sony PlayStation on the news related to its consoles, in particular with a long episode of over 40 minutes dedicated to PS4 and PlayStation VR games, with some updates on PS5 games.

Actually, in this case the appointment seems more focused on PS4 and PlayStation VR than on PS5, according to the description provided by Sony, but the next gen console is not totally excluded from the presentation: "We will have some updates on PS5 games regarding third party and indie games that you saw in the June presentation on PS5".

This suggests that what we will see of PS5 on August 6th is rela I am interested in games that have already been presented, apparently, but very interesting news could emerge anyway.

In any case, this is a big event, considering that it will last over 40 minutes, a rather long duration. out of the norm for a State of Play, which usually fall within the range of 15-20 minutes except in exceptional cases like this, so we can really expect a lot of information regarding PS4 and PlayStation VR, if nothing else.

Obviously we will follow the 'live event, therefore the appointment will be for Thursday 6 August at 22:00, maybe a little earlier, also directly on the Twitch channel of to see with us the new presentation on the PlayStation world by Sony.

the following confirms the predictions of Jeff Grubb on the State of Play of August , even if probably all you would be expected to be an event completely focused on PS5 instead of PS4 and the PlayStation VR. This means that difficult, even for this week, we will have accurate information on release date and price of PS5, as well as new games to announce, which deflates somewhat the rumor about the alleged Silent Hill , unless there's another event in the State-of-Play to short.

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