Playdate, DOOM also among the games in the works for the indie portable console

Playdate, DOOM also among the games in the works for the indie portable console
Playdate, the original portable indie console, will include various games currently in the works, including the classic DOOM, which among other things will use the crank to activate the Gatling gun.

In updating users on the status of the work, the developers reiterated that Playdate is almost ready and pre-orders are coming, although at the end of the thread an appointment is made "in a few months" for the official release date.

Among the games shown there are several interesting ideas, which naturally exploit the peculiarities of the console.

We have for example a dungeon crawler, a racer based on drifting to be carried out with the crank, a Tetris-style puzzle game, an action game with movements via accelerometer, etc.

There is no doubt that Playdate will act as a kind of forge to experiment with gaming in portability, and this is precisely the vocation of the original square handheld since its announcement. cio.

So let's see the long thread with short clips for each of the games coming to the indie console.

Over 250 people around the world now have actual Playdates in-hand. They're putting our tools and tech to the test, building the world's first third-party Playdate games.

Want a peek?

Rebecca (@veubeke) is working on this gorgeous dungeon crawler .

- Playdate (@playdate) August 12, 2020 Matt (@gingerbeardman) discovered something that a crank controller is REALLY good for ... drifting!

- Playdate (@playdate) August 12, 2020 RNG Party (@RNGparty) is using Playdate's accelerometer in a fun and inventive way! (Sometimes we forget it even has one.)

— Playdate (@playdate) August 12, 2020 And finally, it didn't take long for DOOM to show up, as per tradition! This amazing effort from Nic ( @NicMagnier ) delighted us all - and yes, it features Crank to Chaingun™

— Playdate (@playdate) August 12, 2020 Source

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