Oracle Cloud: California first, then Italy

Oracle Cloud: California first, then Italy
The road had been drawn ahead of time and Oracle confirms that it is in line with its ambitious roadmap: the 25th Cloud Region was inaugurated in these hours in San Jose (California). "Now," explains Oracle, "North American West Coast customers and partners have local access to all of the company's cloud services, including Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Autonomous Linux and all Oracle Cloud applications (ERPM, HCM, CX) in SaaS mode to push innovation and protect applications and data in a secure way ".

Oracle, soon a cloud region in Italy

The multiplication of cloud regions is a fundamental factor since it allows companies to fulfill the data residency requirements: investing effectively and quickly in this direction is thus offering Oracle the possibility of bringing its cloud offerings to an increasingly large number of companies, guaranteeing zone after zone to be able to fully satisfy the needs League and techniques manifested by the market.

The goal is to reach 11 new cloud regions by July 2021, bringing the total to 36. A total of eight have been activated in 2020 to date (reaching 25, of which 19 commercial and 6 in the government sector):

Asia Pacific: Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Chuncheon, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Sydney, Melbourne Americas: San José, Phoenix, Ashburn, Toronto, Montreal, sao Paulo Europe: Frankfurt, London, Zurich, Amsterdam and the Middle East: Jeddah government Sector: the two regions for the United States government in general, three specific regions of the Department of Defense of the United States, the United Kingdom and Now in the viewfinder, there is the’ Italy : our Country is included in the ambitions of the expansive group, with the european project, which extends to both Sweden and France. No date, but a promise that is short-term debt.

The cloud of the second generation of the Oracle is designed and optimized to help companies securely manage the most demanding workloads. Oracle Cloud helps businesses of any size to run their database and their most important applications, with large amounts of data and high-performance. The Oracle Cloud meets all of the requirements of enterprise-level and offers competitive costs, a rapid provisioning and scalability that is almost limitless, as well as offer complete cloud services that include application development, business analytics, data management, integration, security, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.

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