MS wants everything TikTok; possible ban on 09/20

MS wants everything TikTok; possible ban on 09/20
All or nothing. Microsoft is working on acquiring the TikTok business globally, not just in four countries (the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) as announced last weekend. Therefore also in Europe, India and in any other country where the social network is accessible. It is the rumor reported today by the Financial Times.

Microsoft will buy TikTok within a month ...

This would be the most logical move, considering the difficulties that would otherwise appear in having to break up the platform activity by applying territorial restrictions, dividing the management of human resources, data, finances and so on. A hypothesis supported by Donald Trump among others, who spoke several times in recent days on the possible deal. So we wrote in an article on Tuesday.

Donald Trump, who labels TikTok as a "hot brand", suggests to the Redmond group to buy the whole package, becoming the sole manager of the service rather than reaching out to just one portion while keeping other players in play. A handover of the entire quota would also clear the field of fears related to the management of data relating to American users by Chinese companies.

... otherwise there will be ban United States

Staying on the subject of the White House, just from Washington has come the publication of two documents that ufficializzano the prospect of a ban in the United States for applications TikTok and WeChat . The executive orders speak of the possibility to stop all transaction from or to the chinese ByteDance and Tencent starting from the 20th of September, only five days after the deadline to Microsoft to complete the acquisition.

The spread continues to put in danger the national security, foreign policy and economy of the United States. The United States needs to implement aggressive actions in respect of the holders of the TikTok to protect our national security.

To understand how the measure can be implemented in concrete terms. Mobile applications such as TikTok and WeChat, unlike for example what happens with the business of Huawei , you do not need a special license to operate in the USA. It is likely that the block refers to the distribution of the software in the United States through the app for Android and iOS, as expected by the program Clean Network also quoted yesterday from Washington.

Source: Financial Times

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