Minecraft: Fan recreates Destiny 2 Tower

Minecraft: Fan recreates Destiny 2 Tower
This isn't the first time we've talked about the endless creative possibilities that Minecraft provides. Just last month we witnessed the creation of an archaeologist and his daughter, who tried their hand at recreating one of the best known prehistoric sites that really exist. Today, however, the player known on the net with the nickname of "EetzJosh" takes us to another universe through the successful Mojang sandobox: let's talk about the Destiny 2 universe.

The boy who is experimented with this creation, he recorded everything and then uploaded a dedicated video to his YouTube channel. As stated by the player, it took 168 hours to recreate the Destiny 2 Tower within Minecraft. All this took him three months of work and to make it more beautiful to look at, EetzJosh installed some graphic mods and focused on the lighting system in the game.

As we can see in the YouTube video, the Tower recreated in Minecraft is a more blocky version of that social space of the first person shooter developed by Bungie. Obviously there is no presence of the various NPCs and players who pass through that area to take some missions, improve their equipment or why not to have some fun wandering around that shared space.

The creation made by this enthusiast is yet another proof of how much Minecraft still has to give to its fans. A timeless title capable of bringing out the creativity of those who approach it. What do you think of the work done by EetzJosh? Do you like the Tower version of Destiny 2 in Minecraft? Have your say in the comments section.

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