Microsoft-TikTok: the negotiation is official

Microsoft-TikTok: the negotiation is official
The rumors that circulated over the weekend proved to be well founded: Microsoft is working to acquire a part of the TikTok business. If the operation materializes, it will not be like all the others. In the middle are the fears already expressed by the US towards the application regarding privacy and a monstrous investment, estimated at tens of billions of dollars.

Nadella and Trump for the Microsoft affair -TikTok

The confirmation of the interest came with a statement from the Redmond company that talks about a confrontation on the theme that has already taken place between the number one Satya Nadella and Donald Trump. The text also refers to ongoing negotiations with the Chinese parent company ByteDance as well as to a final decision that will be taken no later than September 15. A possible announcement should therefore not be too far away.

The two companies have notified the CFIUS (Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States) that they have started the discussion with the aim of reaching an agreement in a short time preliminary for the handover. On the table, however, there is no TikTok activity on a global level, but limited to the territories of the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

This new structure would be built on the experience of TikTok that today users love, integrating security, privacy and digital protections. The operational model of the service would be built on the basis of transparency towards users and appropriate controls by the governmental authorities of these countries.

do Not exclude the possibility that other american investors could participate in the acquisition . In recent weeks, have circulated the names of General Atlantic and Sequoia Capital .

Microsoft is committed from the outset to ensure that all data related to us users to remain within the borders of the USA and to ensure that those currently stored in servers that are placed elsewhere are first transferred and then deleted from their current location.

The press release closes by stressing that although the negotiation has been initiated at the moment there is no certainty of his success. Other official information will be made known only once made the final decision.

Source: Microsoft

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