Messenger releases a plugin for online assistance

Messenger releases a plugin for online assistance
Companies that intend to provide an effective and continuous assistance service to their customers now have the opportunity to take advantage of a plugin made available directly from the Facebook labs. The differences compared to the plugin of the past, however, are substantial and such that the interactions (according to the first tests carried out by the Menlo Park team) would increase by 45%.

The purpose of the "Chat Plugin" is explicit, therefore : "Convert people interested in your company into loyal customers". Messenger, which acts as an intermediary for this, for its part would multiply the activities carried and would thus position itself more and more at the center of the center of gravity of the sales activities.

Facebook, here is the Chat Plugin The goal is to bring the shopkeeper and the user (potential customer) closer together, especially in these months when Covid has dismissed the parties and forced those who work online to create a customer service less based on the physical approach and more focused on online resources. Thanks to the new plugin, contact will be direct and continuous, albeit mediated by the small button that, on the official website of the shop or company, allows you to start the conversation for information, assistance or insights on products and services.

The plugin allows you especially to the customer to have access to the conversation with two different modes: either by logging in (and then certifying their identity), or continuing on as a “guest” for anonymous . This additional mode allows the customer to enter the chat with the greatest tranquillity, can be as simple as passing visitor who is adocchiando the offer online. Where earlier identification could discourage the contact, in short, now, the anonymity, however, can improve the approach and increase the involvement.

The service is dedicated to those small and medium-sized companies that wish to provide assistance without having to set up a dedicated service and with a more complex implementation. In this case, the adoption is extremely simple and quick, so much so that with a minimum of technical expertise anyone could carry forward the installation on their own ( the plugin is here ).

Facebook for Business provides a dedicated page with all the instructions and all the details to enable you to evaluate the service and proceed with the download.

Source: Facebook for Business

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