Mafia Trilogy: here's where to buy it at the best price

Mafia Trilogy: here's where to buy it at the best price
Update August 19, 2020: article updated with the best prices on the market.

On September 25, the Mafia Definitive Edition, the remake of the 2002 masterpiece, and Mafia Trilogy, a happy edition in addition to the remake of the first will finally land on the market episode of the saga also the Definitive Edition of Mafia II and Mafia III. This is a long-awaited event by many fans, who can now pass the wait by booking both Mafia Trilogy and Mafia Definitive Edition individually at a reduced price.

As always in many chains by pre-ordering the title it will also be possible to obtain a pre-order bonus, which in this case consists of the Chicago Outfit bonus package, that is a bundle containing the exclusive Don outfit, the Smith limousine v12 and the Semi-automatic Gold Pistol Skin. But now let's see in more detail the improvements made to each episode of the famous trilogy:

Mafia Definitive Edition: this is the complete remake of the original 2002 game, with a graphics engine in step with the times and completely revised game dynamics. . Mafia Definitive Edition will also contain new features, such as motorcycles and collectible game items; Mafia II Definitive Edition: remastered version in HD and 4K of the second chapter of the series, complete with new facial motion capture and updated textures for the current generation landing; Mafia III Definitive Edition: this is the classic full version of the game, containing in addition to the base game the weapons packs judge, jury and card maker and family reunion, as well as the three DLCs released for Mafia III over time, namely Run sweet !, Pending chores and Sign of the times. Below are the best offers currently available on the market both to pre-order Mafia Trilogy and individually Mafia Definitive Edition:

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