macOS 11 Big Sur: here is the public beta

macOS 11 Big Sur: here is the public beta
Now those who wish can download and install the public beta of the macOS 11 Big Sur operating system on their computer. The rollout kicked off tonight, less than two days after the release of beta 4 for developers. Another step towards the distribution of the definitive release that Apple has put on the agenda for the autumn.

From Apple the public beta of macOS 11 Big Sur

As already written in several occasions of the most important update of the platform since the time of the release of OS X which took place almost twenty years ago. A change for the software of the bitten apple that comes in conjunction with the one that affects the hardware sector of the Mac line, ready to embrace the ARM architecture by abandoning the components provided by Intel within the next two years.

For the download it is necessary to point in the direction of the Beta Software Program site (link at the end of the article) and follow the instructions. This is the list of compatible models:

MacBook (2015 and later); MacBook Air (2013 and later); MacBook Pro (late 2013 and later); Mac mini (2014 and later); iMac (2014 and later); iMac Pro (all models), Mac Pro (2013 and later). As always on these occasions we do not recommend the use of an operating system in beta to those who rely on daily to your computer to work. Since this is a version of the code is not final or you may experience problems and abnormalities because of a bug not yet resolved or even identified. Who is ready to jump you will be faced with an update that, among other things, intervenes in a heavy way on the interface of macOS as you can appreciate from some of the screenshots collected in the gallery above.

Source: Apple's Beta Software Program

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