LinkedIn (Microsoft) sells SlideShare to Scribd

LinkedIn (Microsoft) sells SlideShare to Scribd
Handling of deliveries at Microsoft: the SlideShare platform known for the ability to upload and share documents ends up under the control of Scribd. Today the official status of the operation which will become effective on 24 September 2020.

SlideShare passes into the hands of Scribd

The two services (SlideShare and Scribd) are very similar. Both launched in the two-year period 2006-2007, in this way they will be able to consolidate their offer, each taking a cue from the strengths of the other.

Among other things, Scribd has also been managing a premium subscription for access for several years. to eBooks and audio books, but its core business has remained to this day that of uploading and sharing documents. The transaction will not cause any shocks either in the way of delivering services or in anything else, at least at first, as pointed out by Trip Adler, CEO of Scribd.

Nothing will change in the first few months. We have a lot of experience with products of this type, both in terms of technology and in terms of users who upload the content. We are in a good position to ensure the success of SlideShare.

The acquisition of SlideShare by LinkedIn took place in May 2012 against an economic investment then quantified at 118.75 billion dollars.

Source: LinkedIn

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