Like Hell I Won’t - the free documentary about Todd McFarlane

Like Hell I Won’t - the free documentary about Todd McFarlane
SyFy Wire has made a documentary about the legendary Todd McFarlane. The documentary is titled Like Hell I Won't and is completely free and is visible on YouTube.

Here it is:

Todd McFarlane is known by most for his work on Spider-man over the years '90 and for creating Spawn following the separation from Marvel itself and the creation of Image Comics together with other designers who at the time made the fortune of the House of Ideas such as Jim Lee, Jim Valentino, Erik Larsen, Whilce Portacio and Rob Liefeld .

He actually made his debut in the 80s at DC where he designed Infinity Inc., the narrative arc Batman Year Two and the Invasion! event. He then moved to Marvel in 1987 where he designed the Hulk based on texts by Peter David and in 1988 the editor-in-chief Tom DeFalco asked him to graphically relaunch Amazing Spider-Man, the main head of the character, on texts by David Michelinie. Todd McFarlane contributes, among other things, to creating one of the most popular spiders nemesis, namely Venom. Mirror version of the wall climber, Venom is dominated by a costume in symbiotic relationship with the wearer, an aspect that will then be partially taken up with Spawn. McFarlane comes to considerably change the superhero's appearance, making him more "spidery": thinner limbs, large eyes and "spaghetti" cobwebs; this revision was historic and is still present in the versions of some current designers.

In 1990 he convinced Marvel to launch Spider-man, a publication whose texts and drawings he edited: the first issue sold almost three million copies. However, the limitations and constraints of the Marvel leadership are not long in coming.

After 15 monthly issues of Spider-Man, McFarlane is involved by Rob Liefeld in the project to create a new independent publishing house. Todd is excited and together with six other artists to leave Marvel and founded Image Comics in 1992, a company “umbrella” under which each owned a house of his own publication. Each artist involved in the project now has the possibility to hold the rights of the characters created in addition to the obvious creative freedom on the stories produced. The studios McFarlane takes the name of Todd McFarlane Productions, and debuted with the launch of the regular monthly series Spawn, the first issue of which sells one million and seven hundred thousand copies, a record still valid for the comics to be independent.

in Parallel to his work as a cartoonist creates the McFarlane Toys, the house that deals with action figures, at the beginning related only to the characters of the series Spawn and then based on the subjects and the themes more varied. The level of quality imposes a de facto new standard in the industry and the same target moves toward a more adult audience, inspired also to iconic characters such as singers (such as Elvis Presley) and athletes of various sports (baseball, hockey, football and basketball). No shortage of series of action figures designed on the characters of the movie very popular as the Terminator, the Matrix and Shrek.

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