Kaspersky security today at a 30% discount

Kaspersky security today at a 30% discount
Keeping your computers and devices safe is no longer an option. Between malware, phishing, ransomware and information theft, the protection of our data can no longer be delegated to good luck. To all those looking for an effective and reliable solution, we recommend those proposed by Kaspersky, a name and a guarantee: today they are 30% off on the official website.

Kaspersky: offers on Internet Security and Total Security

Internet Security includes tools for advanced antivirus protection, protecting privacy and your wallet on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS, blocking cryptolocker, tracking while surfing, spyware and unauthorized access to the webcam with more than 200 MB of traffic VPN per day for encryption of sent and received data. By choosing Total Security, the user can also access advanced features such as Password Manager, automatic backup and Safe Kids for parental control on all devices connected to their account.

With today's offer Kaspersky offers on its official website a year of the Internet Security suite at 34.99 euros (instead of 49.99 euros) for a device and Total Security at 41.99 euros (instead of 59.99 euros) always for a device. If you wish, at the end of the period it will be possible to cancel the renewal at no additional cost.

Source: Kaspersky

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