Kanye West's crazy dispute with the Wisconsin Electoral Commission

Kanye West's crazy dispute with the Wisconsin Electoral Commission

The US state did not accept the signatures presented for the candidacy for the White House because they were false (Mickey also signed) and arrived late. But the singer's and producer's lawyers are ready to battle over the meaning of "after 5pm"

(photo: Armando L. Sanchez / Chicago Tribune / Tribune News Service / Getty Images) The race to the presidential elections in November is is turning for Kanye West into an obstacle course. After announcing online his intention to run for the White House and having held only one - bizarre - rally and some - rather delusional - interviews, in recent weeks the singer and producer is trying to officially present his candidacy, providing the useful documentation. , in the electoral offices of the American states. So far only nine have accepted it: in others such as New Jersey and Wisconsin, it was rejected because it was presented beyond the deadline or because the signatures collected were considered false: the spelling of some seemed to be the same, the names repeated themselves either they were clearly false or they were not related by useful identifying references. But Kanye West's lawyers decided to fight back and, in response to the Wisconsin Electoral Commission that rejected the candidacy, they produced a 23-page document explaining that what is being contested is "misleading and wrong".

The signature of Mickey mouse in a matter of seconds

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel , the election committee of the artist would have presented 299 signatures useful to show the application in the state. Among these were those of Bernie Sanders , Kanye West (well two), and even Mickey Mouse , but according to one of lawyers of the West, the lawyer for Michael Curran is the responsibility of the “complainant to prove that the signatures are not valid. You can't just raise a problem, with little or no evidence, and transfer this burden to the applicant” . Even among those that are valid, however, there are doubts: some people have reported that they were forced to affix their signature to it.

in Addition, there were also delays in sending documentation to the election offices, he said. The norm, in fact, expected arrivals not later than the 17 of the 4 August. Curran explained that the limit was complied with because the whole thing was presented within the time limits established, at least with a certain degree of interpretation of the law. In the memorial defensive there is, in fact, wrote that “the state law says that the documents had to be filed not later than 17:00 , not making the distinction between minutes and seconds. To the average observer, arrive before 17:01 means to arrive not later than 17:00” . In short, as to be considered as the period between 17.00 and 18.00? The author of The Life of Pablo has made this matter apparently secondary to his salvation for the submission of the grant application.

according to the lawyers of the rapper, the delay in the presentation of the documents would not be depended on by them but by government officials, “ particularly aggressive ”, which would have closed the offices ahead of time in an attempt to boycott the rapper . “People of color have long been marginalized in this country. And attempt to prevent Kanye West to run as a candidate, not considering the voices of those who has signed up to support him, it means continuing to do just that simply because of the opinions and the perspectives of mr. West, are not consistent with those of the party they represent,” said Curran. In short, the team West he jokes or is serious? Probably both, and in the middle, however, is still trying to get to the White House.

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