Jason Bateman will direct Superworld

Jason Bateman will direct Superworld
Jason Bateman, the star of the Netflix Original TV show Ozark, and his longtime collaborator Mark Perez are working on the Superworld live-action. The film would be an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Gus Krieger which tells how the earth could be if all the inhabitants had super powers, all except one man named Ignatius Lohman. Krieger's novel came out a few months ago as an audiobook on Amazon's Audible.

According to what reported by The Hollywood Reporter (you can read the original article at this link) Bateman should both be in charge of directing the film and producing it, together with Perez who will write the screenplay, in short, the two really seem tireless collaborators. The latest works by the Bateman-Perez duo were Game Night-Guess Who Dies Tonight (a black comedy with Rachel McAdams) and an original Netflix film, still untitled, which will also see the participation of John Cena, whose direction, probably will be entrusted to Bateman himself. Warner Bros. would seem, then, the production and distribution house designated to take care of the future project.

The American actor, director and producer has also been hired to direct the Clue remake, which, among the stars, will see the participation of Ryan Reynolds. This Clue reboot was written by two of Reynolds' close associates, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick who said, “Clue will have elements of the original film, but it's important that we don't cast a cast of what it was. Instead, we have to build on it. We have to take what made that film fun, but we have to rework it according to our taste and our experience ”.

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