Ignite 2020, the split: two events instead of one

Ignite 2020, the split: two events instead of one
The Ignite 2020 event will not be staged as expected in New Orleans in September, for reasons that are not difficult to imagine. Microsoft has decided to divide the week of meetings into two appointments with a shorter duration and 100% digital: the first will be staged from 22 to 24 September as officially announced today with a post by Chris Capossela, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.

Ignite 2020: first part, 22-24 September

For the second tranche we will have to wait until the beginning of next year. Confirmed that it will not overlap or replace Build 2021, as the two events are aimed at different types of public. The latter will probably be put on the agenda again for the month of May, also remotely as happened in this round. Registration to participate in the Ignite 2020 sessions will be open from 3 September. The company talks about "48 hours of digital meetings" aimed at developers and professionals in the IT world.

A decision consistent with what Microsoft announced months ago: all events will be organized digitally and not traditionally formula "in attendance" at least until July 2021. The choice had at first made someone turn up their noses and was considered excessive by those who imagined a faster resolution of the health crisis, but considering the evolution recorded so far by the pandemic, we can say that the Redmond group has been far-sighted.

Source: Microsoft

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