Huawei, the Kunpeng 920 3211K CPU could beat the Intel Core i9-9900K in multi-core applications

Huawei, the Kunpeng 920 3211K CPU could beat the Intel Core i9-9900K in multi-core applications
The Chinese news agency IThome has received news that Huawei is close to launching its new desktop PC, known as Pangu, for the domestic market. The system uses a variant of the Kunpeng 920 processor, also called Hi1620, and in the article it is stated that the multi-core performance of the Kunpeng 920 3211K should be slightly better than the Intel Core i9-9900K Coffee Lake processor.

Huawei Club The CPU, based on Arm's Neoverse N1 micro-architecture (codenamed Ares), boasts configurations ranging from 24 to 64 cores, with frequencies ranging from 2.4GHz to 3GHz. TSMC was manufacturing the Kunpeng 920 for Huawei on its 7nm process node before cutting all ties to the Chinese tech giant due to new US regulations.

The Kunpeng 920 3211K, in particular, is equipped with 24 cores reaching a maximum clock of 2.6GHz. Huawei accompanies the processor with 8GB of SO-DIMM memory, a 512GB Samsung SSD, and AMD's Radeon 520 mobile graphics card.

Huawei will bring Pangu to government and business markets, which means the system is equipped with of the Chinese proprietary UOS operating system. This unfortunately leads to near zero expandability and user customization, as the Kunpeng 920 3211K is soldered to the motherboard and no other graphics cards are supported. The UOS is integrated into the PC, so it is not even possible to install Windows. At most, it may be possible to update the amount of RAM and the SSD.

The alleged pictures of Pangu are three USB ports, type a port USB type C and a single headphone jack (3.5 mm in the front part of the case, and there is space for an optical drive. The rear of the case offers four USB ports-type a Ethernet port , three 3.5 mm audio jack and a D-Sub port . The article of IThome claims that Pangu will be sold with a monitor 23.8" resolution FullHD and a coverage of NTSC color gamut equal to 70% .

The price and the release date of Pangu still remain unknown. Last month we talked about the test of a Desktop PC equipped with a processor Kunpeng 920 eight-core processor installed on a motherboard Huawei D920S10, revealing performance rather disappointing.

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