Raphael Colantonio, founder of Arkane, doesn't want to go back to developing triple A games

Raphael Colantonio, founder of Arkane, doesn't want to go back to developing triple A games
Raphael Colantonio is known as the founder of Arkane and the creator of games such as Dishonored and Prey, however he has no plans to return to triple A game development, satisfied with his new indie experience, because he no longer intends to keep up with the pace and the typical mentality of the industry at high levels.

Colantonio founded the Arkane team in 1999 and has collected titles of great depth from Arx Fatalis to Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, up to Dishonored and Prey. All games that can hardly be considered standard blockbusters designed for the mass audience, given that Arkane has managed to maintain its own typical style and to stage rather particular titles, but despite this Colantonio has decided to leave the environment in question.

In 2017, after finishing the work on Prey, the designer decided to leave Arkane and take a pause for reflection. He then returned last year, at the Game Awards 2019, presenting the first game of his new team, WolfEye Studios.

The game in question is Weird West, a sort of action RPG with a very particular isometric view, which represents the dimension to which Colantonio now wants to dedicate himself in his new projects. "Our passion and ambitions are very high, we want to be successful and create a game that people can enjoy," he said, "But at the same time we can take risks and are less concerned about the market than when we were developing triple A games. ".

Colantonio has clearly said that he does not want to return to that work environment, also because at certain levels, more than developing games, he develops" products ", which impoverishes the whole creative and expressive aspect of development videogame.

"to be able To recover in a game triple-A is necessary to point to numbers that are very high, so much so that you develop a game but a product," said Colantonio. "There is just the possibility to return to triple-A, to make another game in which 90% of the efforts we try not to go off the rails and risk falling," he said again, "this is Not the reason why I make games".


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