Halloween by Ray Bradbury, the review: a walk in terror

Halloween by Ray Bradbury, the review: a walk in terror
Halloween, published by Mondadori for the Oscar Draghi series, is an anthology that collects the best of the weird fiction of the writer Ray Bradbury, in four novels and thirty short stories, embellished by the evocative illustrations of the artist Joseph Mugnaini.

A few words about the authors

Ray Bradbury

Raymond Douglas Bradbury (Waukegan, August 22, 1920 - Los Angeles, June 5, 2012) was an American film writer and screenwriter, considered a true own innovator of the sci-fi genre.

After a mess of science fiction, detective and noir stories published in various genre literature magazines, in 1950 he collected his Martian Chronicles in a single volume, which obtained a vast international success, making him rise to the fore. It was in 1953, however, that he reached the consecration, thanks to Fahrenheit 451, the masterpiece for which he is most remembered and from which the homonymous successful film directed by François Truffaut was made.

In the following years, Bradbury he devoted himself to a career as a screenwriter, without ever interrupting his career as a writer. In fact, his literary production is rather substantial, including novels and short stories (some of which have seen the Myths of Cthulhu as protagonists or boast Lovecraftian atmospheres). To mention a few: Time Traveler, Death in Venice, The Golden Apples of the Sun, Farewell to Summer, The Halloween Tree, The Cemetery of Fools, Constance Against All, The People of Autumn, Tangerine and Time Traveler.

Joseph Mugnaini

Joseph Anthony Mugnaini (Viareggio, 12 July 1912 - Los Angeles, 23 January 1992) was an artist and illustrator. He is best known for his collaborations with writer Ray Bradbury, starting in 1952.

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