Guinness World Record: Funko creates the largest mosaic in the world

Guinness World Record: Funko creates the largest mosaic in the world
Funko entered the Guinness World Record for creating the largest mosaic in the world. The giant of collectible vinyls accomplished this feat on August 16, in Dubai, inside the Mall of Emirates.

The iconic figurines, a symbol of pop culture and an omnipresent element in the homes of many enthusiasts all over the world, from a simple collector's item to colorful pieces for the creation of illustrations. Funko used 8,600 Pop! , which juxtaposed side by side revealed the image of Modhesh, the mascot character of the Dubai Summer Festival, who appears in more than a thousand Emirati gadgets, but who until now has never had his own Funko Pop!.

The mosaic has an area of ​​157.7 square meters and breaks the previous record of under 150 square meters.

In addition to the considerable number of collectibles used, Funko required four days of preparation. The feat was completed within 16 hours and 15 people were busy arranging the individual boxes.

For Guinness World Records Official Judge Danny Hickson, using popular vinyl figures to achieve this milestone is also a way to celebrate Funko Pop! collectors. from around the world.

And speaking of collectors and world records, think that your collection of Funko Pop! is remarkable? By browsing the Guinness World Records website you can submit your nominations for the largest collection in the world of Funko Pop! (Largest collection of Funko Pop! Figurines).

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