Google Meet is now compatible with Chromecast

Google Meet is now compatible with Chromecast
Google Meet videoconferences land on big screens thanks to the implementation of support for Chromecast, the streaming device of the Mountain View giant.

Googe Meet on Chromecast

The famous Big accessory G is mainly used for streaming entertainment content, from movies to games. If in the presence of a good connection to the Internet, the results it is able to offer are more than satisfactory. One of its main strengths is that it is a relatively inexpensive device, which can be connected to a television or any display that has an HDMI input.

With the arrival of the possibility of using a Chromecast also with Google Meet, the videoconferencing offered by the platform reaches a new level. In fact, a novelty of this type certainly makes the video calling experience more complete, be it in the business or consumer environment.

The efforts made by the Mountain View giant, aimed at making Meet an increasingly complete solution, they are evident. Indeed, the catalysis of interest in the new platform could lead - within two years - to the total disposal of Google Duo, the video calling system created to compete directly with Face Time.

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