Forza Motorsport will only be released on Xbox Series X, no Xbox One?

Forza Motorsport will only be released on Xbox Series X, no Xbox One?
After the Xbox Series X games event aired last July, many fans have begun to express their concerns about the absence of the Xbox One logo on some of the new Xbox Games Studios exclusives. Among these titles, the new chapter of Forza Motorsport was also presented and apparently, according to a Reddit user, the next chapter of the racing game could only come out on the next generation Microsoft console.

Everything was published on Reddit where the user with the nickname of TroLsauros made an analysis of what is the next Forza Motorsport page that appeared on the Microsoft Store. What immediately caught the boy's eye is the complete lack of references to the game's release even on Xbox One. In addition to this, the digital store page only talks about support for 4K resolution, 60 frames per second and DirectX Ray Tracing.

At the moment everything is silent, and it is not clear if everything will be confirmed shortly by Microsoft. We just have to wait for future communications from the Redmond company to confirm what are now just the thoughts of an enthusiast. It should be noted, however, that the new Forza Motorsport still has neither a launch date nor a launch window confirmed by Turn 10.

For now we remain with the words of Phil Spencer, who has declared that for the first two years of next gen the exclusive titles will also arrive on Xbox One. we just have to wait for confirmations or denials with consequent changes of plans for the first years of the life of Xbox Series X. What do you think of the thought of this Reditt user? Believe that Forza Motorsport can also be released on Xbox One?

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