Fortnite, spaceship challenge: how to repair and start it

Fortnite, spaceship challenge: how to repair and start it
The spaceship has arrived on Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3: in the past few hours the water has again withdrawn on the Epic Games game map, thus leading to the appearance of that spacecraft that had been identified by the dataminer in the already different game files long ago (and at the appearance in Atlantis, The Ruins). And now there is also a new challenge.

To complete the challenge of the spaceship, which remains completely optional although fairly interesting, you must first go to the small islet north of the Scoscese Cliffs (extreme north point of the Fortnite game map). Here, on the island, you will notice an abandoned spacecraft with no one around.

Before restarting it, you must repair it. Three different components are needed, all nearby, except for the third which was thrown on the beach and got stuck in the nearby mountain. Once you have recovered all the components, interact again with the spaceship and choose to start it. A somewhat boring countdown will begin at this point, but it will allow you to move away if you want to enjoy everything from a distance.

At this point the spaceship will start at full speed towards the sky, with some changes in the surrounding area: a legendary chest in its place, and four Fissures all around the place it occupied. You will thus have obtained a good loot (from the cash register) and a fast means of instant transport (the new rifts). Oh, in addition to the experience points for completing the mission, of course.

If all this seems particularly complex (but we assure you it is not) here is also a video to follow step by step. The only advice we give you is to pay close attention to the enemy players: there is only one spaceship for each game, and of course everyone wants to reach it before the others. Now you just have to go back to the challenges of Week 7.

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