Fortnite Season 4: will there also be Iron Man and Hulk?

Fortnite Season 4: will there also be Iron Man and Hulk?
Thanks to the many rumors that are invading the web, we continue to talk about Fortnite Season 4; waiting for next 27 August. It's no secret that the biggest news this coming season will be the introduction of several new Marvel superheroes. While Thor and Galactus have already been anticipated, a new wave of teasers seems to have revealed ahead of time the assets of two other heroes much loved among fans.

Let's talk about Iron Man and Hulk, which according to a new post of the well-known leaker HYPEX could debut in Fortnite during the now imminent Season 4. The new teasers discovered by the always very active data miner of the Epic Games game, have brought to the surface two clues that seem to lead back to the characters of Iron Man and Hulk . Furthermore, there would also be a fourth clue that is still unsolved but that could refer to a hero who has already appeared in the successful battle royale.

These 4 teasers were all added to Fortnite's website, and do y ' all think they refer to battlepass skins?

- Heralds Alone Won't Save Us> (Thor?)

- Technology Alone Won't Save Us> (Iron Man?)

- Rage Alone Won't Save Us> (Hulk?)

- Justice Alone Won't Save Us>?

- HYPEX (@HYPEX) August 24, 2020

The first teaser mentions the Heralds, confirming what is practically almost official: the presence of Thor. The second and third teasers mention technology and anger, respectively. This immediately made us think of the arrival of the Marvel characters of Iron Man and Hulk within Fortnite Season 4. The latest teaser instead mentions justice, with many fans who think it is Captain America, a character who already appeared a few months ago in the game.
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