Fortnite, players become taxi drivers and stop fighting

Fortnite, players become taxi drivers and stop fighting
Fortnite Battaglia Reale Update 13.40 (Chapter 2 Season 3) turned out to be really ... significant. He changed the balance of Epic Games' Battle Royale dramatically by introducing cars. But that's not all: with a little inventiveness and good will, the players have become taxi drivers.

Quite simply, perhaps also because they are tired of the game mechanics that have remained unchanged for years (but what they should be, in a Battle Royale?), some Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 players have stopped fighting and started to be friendly towards the others present. Such as? By providing a service: they turned into taxi drivers. It is not uncommon to find game participants who take control of the many taxy on the game map, and who begin to transport the others present from one point to another on the large map of Epic Games. This was not what SypherPK meant, probably, when he showed how to use cars and their tricks.

"I started taxiing people from Commerce Course to Pacific Park," Mtaylor0812 told Reddit, "and this very nice guy refueled my car several times along the way. What game am I playing? I love it. " It must be said that there is a specific mission, which requires you to travel by car from Corso Commercio to Parco Pacifico in less than four minutes. Many cars along the route need to be refueled: therefore the player must get out of the vehicle and refill it with the available fuel. This makes those present vulnerable: yet not a single shot was fired during the game session of Mtaylor0812.

But it is not the only experience of this kind, in the last days. Another user on Reddit, Reflective Ruby, has told the following: "I am in the game use the taxi. I like to be friendly and a lot of people don't shoots me, by acting in this way". There are dual purposes: these players really are having fun simply to provide a useful service on the map of the game.

of Course, the same philosophy of Battle Royale is stronger, but in the end, Fortnite has taught the players to find ways that are very different and original for fun. We are sure that this is a bad thing? The taxi service is good around here from r/FortNiteBR Source

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