Fortinet introduces its first hyperscale firewall

Fortinet introduces its first hyperscale firewall
Fortinet has announced its first hyperscale firewall, the FortiGate 4400F. Powered by Fortinet 7th Generation Network Processor (NP7), it offers hardware acceleration and is the only network firewall fast enough to protect hyperscale data centers and 5G networks.

«Fortinet exceeds performance limits in hardware acceleration to enable network and</a> security convergence - what we call security-driven networking. The FortiGate 4400F Network Firewall offers unprecedented scalability and performance, up to 13x faster than comparable similar products. As the only network firewall capable of protecting hyperscale data centers and 5G networks, FortiGate 4400F is the industry leader in data center security, ”said John Maddison, EVP Products and CMO at Fortinet.

Today the most innovative companies from a digital point of view face growing and often unpredictable needs for capacity that are rapidly exceeding the possibilities and performances of their security solutions. As a result, security can be the bottleneck for traffic in and out of most hyperscale data centers, with sometimes negative impacts on user experience and productivity, to the point that many network administrators feel under pressure and risk overshadowing security measures.

Allowing all traffic to flow freely in and out of a company's network without paying attention to security exposes the company to the risk of cyber attacks, which can seriously damage the reputation of the brand and cause potential losses due to long downtime. While many companies have successfully implemented hyperscale network architectures, achieving a scalable level of security has been an equally significant challenge.

today, some vendors declare that they implement a security hyperscale across multiple firewalls orchestrated together to achieve a scalable architecture, which proved to be cumbersome and expensive. The hardware acceleration through the processors of network NP7 of FortiGate 4400F promises performance and security scalable , able to keep pace with the evolution of today's data center, hyperscale in a variety of cases:

Security Compute Rating is the benchmark that compares the performance of the FortiGate Network Firewall compared to the average of the products of the competition in various categories that fall into a precise price range. FortiGate 4400F offers the highest performance in the industry, up to 13 times higher than the competition . FortiGate 4400F takes advantage of the main units of a network security-driven to enable network ultra-scalable, distributed and secure data center and hyperscale.

"networking solutions security-driven, not only are faster and more scalable than those of the competition, but they are also much more affordable, seeing that have the best price-performance ratio, in a format that is compact and costs less, if associated with the requirements for rack space, power and cooling. Fortinet also delivers automation and orchestration industry leaders such as the Fabric Management Center, and FortiOS . In addition, Fortinet continues to offer open APIS and is committed to supporting industry initiatives like OpenConfig with the goal of providing automation to simplify operations."

FortiGate 4400F, as part of the integrated security platform by Fortinet Security Fabric , offering services of web filtering and intrusion prevention, proactive threat detection for any segmentation, visibility of threats and removal of the blind spot with the SSL inspection included.

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