Foldable iPad in 2023 with A17 SoC and MicroLed display

Foldable iPad in 2023 with A17 SoC and MicroLed display
According to a report, Apple is setting the stage for launching the first foldable iPad in 2023. The Cupertino-based company does not usually implement the latest technologies first of all but it does when these are ripe to function effectively.

The company's first foldable iPad will arrive with a SoC made at 3nm (A16x or an A17) and a MicroLed display capable of folding on a central flexible hinge contained in the display, without leaving any space between the two parts.

If we were interested in learning about a foldable iPhone, it seems that Apple has decided to switch between an iPad with the flexible display first. With a fairly precise and substantial leak, let's see how this new tablet will be equipped with:

Support for voice calls, probably as an extension of the iPhone (like the function already present in the MacBook); A16x or A17 SoC with 3 nm manufacturing process; MicroLed technology display; Front camera and Touch ID below the display, in two different positions; Compatibility with Apple Glass and accessories in virtual reality. Most of these technologies have yet to make their appearance on the market but it is not difficult to think that they will arrive following the natural evolution of events. Furthermore, the information disclosed by the leaker is about 3 years in advance and may change over time. Ergo, production problems, unsuccessful tests, delays, force majeure, etc.

In any case, the future will be foldable and it will only be a matter of time to assimilate terminals like Moto as normality Razr, Galaxy Fold and, indeed, a foldable iPad. Knowing the numbers of the tablet market - growing - it is undoubtedly a market on which to invest in innovation in the near future.

iPhone SE 2020 is now available in black, white and the famous product RED. You can find it here.

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