Fastweb and Linkem for 5G Fixed Wireless Access

Fastweb and Linkem for 5G Fixed Wireless Access
The agreement signed last December that binds Fastweb and Linkem to speed up the construction of their respective 5G Fixed Wireless Access networks, a network capable of providing a connectivity service with bandwidth up to 1 Gbps for 8 million homes (approximately 30) has been extended % of the population) present in the so-called gray areas of the country. The renewed partnership will affect another 4 million residences in white areas.

5G FWA: the agreement between Fastweb and Linkem

The two operators therefore leverage their respective assets, from the frequency portfolio 5G to infrastructures, to speed up the implementation of two independent FWA networks. The handshake aims to counter the phenomenon of the digital divide that still afflicts many areas of Italy while maintaining a division in the management of services and commercial offers. This is the comment of Alberto Calcagno, CEO of Fastweb.

5G FWA networks are the most efficient solution to guarantee ultra-wideband services up to 1 Gigabit in areas of the country that are in a serious digital divide. The COVID emergency has clearly shown us the strategic importance of uniformly stable and powerful connections. With this agreement, we are contributing to the rapid elimination of two-speed Italy.

The new signature reaches an additional 15% of the population present in areas that does not reach the ultra-wide band. The activation of the 5G FWA networks is expected within the next few months. So Davide Rota, CEO Linkem, underlines the potential of the partnership.

The model FWA has proved its effectiveness in the perspective of the digital divide, especially in the context of the management of the emergency COVID-19, thanks to the typical characteristics of flexibility, resilience and speed of service activation. The cost-efficiency and enabling ecosystems 5G, make the FWA the response of infrastructure to the imperative need of the digital transformation of our country.

In this way, and Fastweb Linkem will have reciprocal access to the networks 5G proprietary, leveraging on the specific features of the infrastructure to provide connectivity to those who otherwise is in spite of still forced to deal with the scourge of the digital divide.

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