Fall Guys: The best player in the world received a gift, but no one knows who he is

Fall Guys: The best player in the world received a gift, but no one knows who he is
The developers of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, in addition to the unexpected success of their title, are also marketing geniuses. On Twitter they announced that they had sent a gift to the best player in the world (of Fall Guys, of course): only that nobody can find it. This Tesero hunt is keeping followers on social networks busy, and general curiosity is skyrocketing.

Mediatonic hasn't yet provided a menu for viewing game stats on Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, but remotely developers can control them anyway. They have thus identified the most skilled player in the world, probably the one who in fewer games has obtained the most wins ever, sending him an exclusive skin not yet obtainable within the title. One that cannot be bought in exchange for kudos or crowns.

This is where the funny "manhunt" began: who will be able to find this player first? And are we really sure he has a Twitter profile? And if he does, what are the chances of him following the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout page? To date, no one knows the identity of the lucky and skilled stranger.

This advertising "stunt" helped Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout get something like 100,000 new Twitter followers in 24 hours: not bad, and notoriety of the game shows no sign of diminishing. Fortunately, the developers are also thinking of more serious goals: for example, they have already raised $ 420,000 to donate to charity. OKAY, I'VE GONE ROGUE AND DONE A MEME

I've found the player who is STATISTICALLY the BEST

I've just given them Saturday's costume early LOL

Someone out there now has the costume!


We actually don't even know who it is lol

WHO IS #TheFallenOne?!?

- Fall Guys 👑 (@FallGuysGame) August 20, 2020 Source

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