EDGE: a better download manager coming?

EDGE: a better download manager coming?
A new feature has been highlighted in EDGE Canary, which - going back a bit to the past - allows you to manage your downloads more effectively.

EDGE: the download manager

EDGE Canary allows users to try out some new features that, after passing the various tests, could be implemented on board the stable releases of the Web browser. For example, just a few days ago we reported the possibility that future versions of EDGE offer the freedom to choose your favorite DNS directly from the software.

The news leaked today has a slightly vintage flavor instead. In fact, a group of EDGE Canary users realized that there is a new way to manage downloaded files, more complete than the one currently offered on EDGE (Chromium base).

As shown by screenshot below, the possibility of choosing what to do with the downloaded file is highlighted: whether to save it, save it with a name or open it. A bit like what happens on Internet Explorer which, by the way, is almost ready to say goodbye to users.

For the moment we do not know if and when the new download manager could be ready to be implemented on a stable release of EDGE, we just have to wait.

Source: MS Power User

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