Discover the offers on electrostimulators for the end of summer

Discover the offers on electrostimulators for the end of summer
During the holiday period, sometimes we tend to relax too much or go crazy and this may later make it necessary to use an electro stimulator to recover strength before returning to everyday life, which is why we suggest you take a look at the offers on electro stimulators available on Amazon. The models available are numerous and range from those with basic functions to those with advanced features.

Among all those currently available on offer we cannot fail to mention the Tesmed Max 830 which is sold for € 177.00 , a saving of almost € 90.00 compared to the original price. This model is certainly one of the best products in the industry, thanks to its quality, accurate design and small size. We are dealing with a professional electrostimulator with customizable programs and with the wave wayms system, that is the sequential wave system patented by the well-known company.

Thanks to the numerous specific programs designed for different activities, the Tesmed Max 830 can be used for aesthetics, for sports training and for well-being. In total there are 220 treatments described in the user manual, which can be performed with different positioning of the electrodes and / or in other muscle areas. Furthermore, thanks to the exclusive Tesmed Multiplexer System technology, this device is able to work correctly without having to distinguish the polarity of the electrodes a priori, thus facilitating the connection and application of the latter. In short, it is an intelligent device that can help achieve satisfactory results for those who want to tone the abs, strengthen the pectorals and train biceps and triceps, as well as obviously being a device that could be useful once you return from summer holidays.

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