Cyberpunk 2077, the preview with all the news from the second Night City Wire

Cyberpunk 2077, the preview with all the news from the second Night City Wire


Lifepath, the three narrative paths Weapons and their characteristics Certainties and Doubts The August Night City Wire, staged last night, further demonstrated how Cyberpunk 2077 is destined to set new standards for what it concerns videogame action RPGs, with in-depth information on different aspects of the game that are particularly convincing and able to guarantee a good role base for the mega-production under development at CD Projekt RED. The presentation event focused on three main aspects, which can be well summarized in the three videos that were then distributed separately in the hours following the presentation: the presence of lifepaths, i.e. the different backgrounds that can be chosen at the start of the game for our protagonist, the weapons present in the game and a special insight into the soundtrack and how Refused were transformed into the Samurai, the hardcore punk group in the game world. The latter is obviously a secondary aspect from the point of view of the game itself, but the caliber of Cyberpunk 2077 can also be measured by the fact that it sought a collaboration with a non-trivial and valid group like Refused and, instead of simply taking a few song, having brought them into the game world by turning them into a fictional band that is an integral part of the lore.

The beyond the more specific information on the gameplay and game systems, it is necessary to say first of all that Cyberpunk 2077 appeared even more rich and finished, in terms of graphic, in the new sections of gameplay released by CD Projekt RED, which testifies to the continuous evolution that the team is making on the game, but that continues to cast doubts about the possible performance on the current consoles, considering that, as we have seen, it looks really impressive by the standards of the generation in maturity. Apart from this, however, the world of the game it seemed even more rich and vibrant, while some aspects have proven to be better constructed and more compelling, as the clashes and the fights body to body, who continue to appear to be an item rather doubtful of the combat system, but that obviously the team is continuing to work to improve it further. Considering that there are still three months to the fateful November 19, 2020 , which represents the release date of Cyberpunk 2077, we can imagine that there is further room for improvement on a standard that seems already high.

Lifepath, the three narrative paths

perhaps The most important element taken into consideration during this Night City Wire are the Lifepath , that is, a system construction of the background of the character which was already mentioned by CD Projekt RED, but is shown more in detail on this occasion. It is, basically, of the three possible origins of the protagonist, V, that can emerge from situations completely different and therefore build in a different way. It is a choice heavily based on the tradition of role-playing game, this, and, in particular, with the pen and paper original of Cyberpunk, much more in line with the stylistic elements of the genre of what has been done previously by the team, considering that the protagonist of The Witcher counted, obviously, on a background of already well-established and unchangeable. In Cyberpunk 2077, we can instead choose among three possible alternatives for the construction of our V: Street Kid, Nomad, and the Body , each of which determines a different startup story and, therefore, is a narrative journey set in a different way, although this does not preclude, then, a change in even radical in the construction of the protagonist. The Lifepath is basically the start of the path, one of the three paths from which to begin the story.

The Street Kid born on the streets of Night City , therefore, is a character that already has a dense network of relationships and knowledge in the environmental underground of the city. We can imagine that a character like this to have strong social skills or some characteristic that let him take advantage of his knowledge of the streets and of the social stratum, the lowest of the city, being able to move better between the districts of the great urban conglomerate. The Nomad is probably the character the most "romantic" from the point of view of the horizons adventure: is a man who grew up in the badlands or the desert around Night City and, therefore, know the nature and the world surrounding the city, but is less comfortable on the streets of the latter. Born among the outcasts of society, still managed to know two completely different worlds: that of the civilization's futuristic, urban and the wild but in some ways, the most natural of the territory outside the urban boundaries. Note that anyone can explore the badlands surrounding Night City, just out from its borders, perhaps with a vehicle, but the Nomad probably has advantages in dealing with the risks and dangers that lurk in the wilderness. Finally, the "Body" was born in high society, industrial city, and is a product of a relentless machine, corporate of the largest companies of Night City. The character that emerges in this environment knows the mechanisms of the mega-corporations and has seen first hand all the evils that may be there inside, but he also knows how to move in these environments and can exploit them to your advantage, having lived in contact with the most dangerous and disturbing of the sparkling production world of Cyberpunk 2077.

weapons and their characteristics

The other more in-depth exploration that emerged from the Night City Wire covered weapons , which are present in a large quantity and variety in Cyberpunk 2077 and also able to greatly characterize the style of the game with deep changes to the combat system depending on the choices made about the tools of attack and defense. Also in this case, is replaced by the deep customization that the game allows on its protagonist, going from the simple choice of the type of weapons preferred to the physical change in appearance, and of the intrinsic characteristics of V with the application of the changes cyber.

The weapons are divided roughly into three macro-categories, with further subdivisions more specific: melee weapons, ranged (fire) and changes to cyber. In total, as shown in the Night Wire, the categories are the following: Cyberware, the changes cybernetic body Melee, weapons, or body-to-body Smart, smart weapons that can hit targets in different ways, Power, heavy weapons, focusing on the damage and force of impact Tech, weapons technology and more refined, specific to certain situations, Throwable, that is, all the hand-thrown weapons, Weapon mods, or changes to the specifications for the weapons, Attachments, accessories, and improvements to be applied to the use of weapons

As visible in the video below, the Power Weapon are weapons that fire large-caliber to be able to hit with considerable power, the weapons Smart are, in fact, "intelligent" and hit the opponents with bullets to chase (something similar to the smart gun in Titanfall), while among the weapons and Melee are the blades and other tools in contact, between which are particularly spectacular in the katanas, more or less modified, that trigger the combat body to body .

Among the most interesting elements, in terms of mechanical ruolistica, we find the Cyberware , that is, the changes which can be applied directly to the body of the character by grafting cybernetic: these include blades, gears, or other physical variations that allow you to hit enemies or create defence instruments by using directly the elements attached to the body cybernetic.

The wide freedom of choice is in full RPG style, also recovering the features of the game, pen and paper original: the choices made in terms of weapons and the changes they imply in fact different approaches to the combat and situations of the game, opening up different possibilities on how to resolve conflicts or how to approach certain situations of danger, in particular with regard to the Cyberware.

The new Night City Wire has reinforced the expectations that everyone has on Cyberpunk 2077, showing a game, if possible, still more solid and well-structured, with some step forward, also from the technical point of view, starting from a base that was already very high profile. The solution of the lifepath retrieve an item ruolistico pure game pen and paper-and transforms it into an interesting solution of narrative and a multiple characteristic for the character of V, and the combat system, judging by what is shown on the arms, proves to be varied and open to different interpretations and play styles. Ultimately, Cyberpunk 2077 seems to be really a new era of RPG gaming, beyond any doubt, on some implementations, such as the melee combat and the possible performance of the game.


The lifepath enriched in a remarkable way the narrative structure and the characterization of the character's Weapons and combat system are open to different interpretations and styles of playing The soundtrack to the swede Refused/Samurai demonstrates the huge attention paid to every aspect of the production


The melee combat still seems "dirty" compared to the rest of the gameplay, and Seeing the additional evolutions in techniques, it reinforces the doubt about the performance on the current consoles

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