Comics & games themed USB sticks

Comics & games themed USB sticks
Are you always looking for free space on your USB devices, but can't find an original stick that lives up to your passions between comics and video games? Nothing better than to consult our tips in view of Black Friday 2019 about the most curious USB sticks that you can buy online!

Themed USB sticks

Game of Thrones - NEW Harry Potter Star Wars Frozen Super Mario Pokémon - new arrivals! Marvel

Game of Thrones USB Flash Drives

Can the Flash Drives dedicated to the Throne of Swords be missing from our selection? Clearly not! We present some characters taken from the series and transformed into 32GB memory sticks compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac systems. Among these we have selected Jon Snow, Drogon, Daeneris and others, made with resistant rubber material, all original gadgets and perfect as gift ideas.

»Click here to buy Jon Snow's USB

»Click here to buy Daeneris' USB

» Click here to buy Drogon's USB

Harry Potter USB sticks - New items

A timeless story , that of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, just like your memories and files to save. What other better reason to buy one of these USB sticks?

»Click here to buy Harry Potter's USB

» Click here to buy Albus Dumbledore's USB

»Click here to buy Ron Weasley's USB

Star Wars USB Flash Drives

May the Force be with you… and your storage space too! For fans looking forward to the next title in the Star Wars saga, we recommend some of the cutest sticks including Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Yoda and R2-D2. Friends and enemies are reproduced to always carry files and any type of document with us wherever we want, with a “stellar” touch.

»Click here to buy USB Drive Chewbacca

Click here to buy USB Drive, Darth Vader

" Click here to buy USB Drive-Yoda

" Click here to buy USB Drive R2-D2

USB Sticks Frozen

The cold does not bother you and you are in search of your kingdom? Rincorrete the dream of Elsa and the other characters of Frozen, waiting to see the new chapter of the saga, rifornendovi of storage space thanks to the USB Drive in the shape of Elsa and Olaf. The reproduction does not enter particularly into the detail, but the idea of the physiognomy of the two characters is made very well.

" Click here to buy USB Drive Elsa

" Click here to buy USB Drive Olaf

USB Sticks Super Mario

Well, yes, our mustachioed plumber is so famous and desired by the fans, earning it the different versions of USB Drive, is a full-figure, both in a cartoon style. So Super Mario is transformed into different representations, from the most démodé, to a more original and nice to observe and carry with us always.

" Click here for USB Drive Super Mario cartoon version

" Click here for USB Drive Super Mario version full length

USB Sticks Pokémon

Grab all the files you need in a USB drive dedicated to Pokémon . Among the different characters of the franchise, it appeared a Pikachu and a Squirtle wild! Are just two of the many options available on Amazon, but we can not say no to two of the very first Pokémon that appeared twenty years ago!

" Click here to buy USB Drive Pikachu

" Click here to buy USB Drive Squirtle

" Click here to buy USB Drive PoKé Ball Red

USB Sticks Marvel

As not to end up in beauty, with the main superheroes of the band Marvel? We found for you some of the characters like Spiderman, Thanos, and some of the accessories and details of our heroes. It's going to feel really powerful, grasping the shield of Captain America or holding the hand of Iron Man, but only for pretend and small size (unfortunately).

" Click here to buy USB Drive Spiderman

" Click here to buy USB Drive, Thanos

" Click here to buy USB Drive Hand Iron Man

" Click here to buy USB Drive Shield Captain America

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