ByteDance's CEO stretched his leg on Trump

ByteDance's CEO stretched his leg on Trump
The real goal of the United States is the ban on TikTok, not the acquisition by Microsoft or one of the other interested parties. This is the opinion of Zhang Yiming (in the image above), founder and CEO of the Chinese giant ByteDance who currently controls the application. He made this clear in a letter to the employees, thanking them for the work they have done and for the support they have shown so far.

It is not their goal or what they want. The real aim is to obtain a global ban.

TikTok case: the CEO of ByteDance is not there

That was not the usual negotiation for an acquisition it was already understood. This was confirmed by Trump's intervention on the issue: the US President has threatened to ban the platform on American territory if the handover should not take place by mid-September. TikTok is therefore crushed in a clash between two superpowers whose dynamics go beyond the boundaries of the technological field to enter those of politics and international diplomacy, in a similar way to what has already happened with Huawei.

In any case Zhang reiterated to his collaborators that at the moment the company has not yet made a final decision, continuing to evaluate and follow every possible path in an attempt to resolve a diatribe whose tones have been burning in recent days. To make the matter even more complex, the position taken yesterday by the authorities in China who, through a government press, have made it known that they will not remain on the sidelines to witness what has been called a "theft", having "several ways to respond ".

by Observing what is happening from the point of view is still wider than that are not to be taken into account the pre-existing tensions between Washington and Beijing , assembled in the course of the last year for issues related to tariffs and exports, which already have had repercussions on the hi-tech world by pushing some companies (Apple included) to move production of the devices in other countries, India on all.

Source: Bloomberg

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