Avast: Remote Access Shield against ransomware

Avast: Remote Access Shield against ransomware
Supporting users in opposition to what currently represents one of the most subtle and dangerous cyber threats, ransomware: with this aim Avast announces the inclusion of the new Remote Access Shield feature for Premium Security and the debut of Ransomware Shield (already seen in Premium Security) in the popular Free Antivirus.

Remote Access Shield for Avast Premium Security

A choice gained from the awareness that in recent years the volume of attacks designed to exploit the protocol has increased RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), used daily by millions of people, precisely to activate the action of ransomware. In doing so, cybercriminals put their victims' information in check and then demand payment of a ransom to re-enable access.

Remote Access Shield, available on Avast Premium Security from version 20.5, allows users to define which Specific IP addresses or ranges can access your computer, blocking all others (and by default all those that do not appear legitimate). It also stops brute force attacks whose purpose is to violate the credentials of the protected computer as well as connections that leverage known exploits.

As written in the opening, the Free Antivirus of the software house is enhanced with an additional layer of protection against the ransomware threat, preventing untrusted programs and executables from modifying, deleting or encrypting files. The function protects images, documents and others specified by the user.

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