Apple: is the Surface Duo-like folding iPhone (almost) ready?

Apple: is the Surface Duo-like folding iPhone (almost) ready?
According to a recent rumor, Apple has already prepared a working prototype of the first foldable iPhone. To spread this interesting rumor was Jon Prosser, who also anticipated that this smartphone could be very similar to Microsoft Surface Duo.

Since last year, the long-awaited devices with folding displays have appeared on the market , including the Huawei Mate Xs 5G (available on Amazon), Samsung Galaxy Fold (available on Amazon), Samsung Galaxy Z Flip (available on Amazon) and Motorola RAZR. This is a real revolution that will probably affect the next devices. Some brands have not yet prepared their proposal, including Apple. The Cupertino giant, which will soon present the first iPhone compatible with 5G, has already developed a viable solution.

According to Prosser, the prototype of the iPhone Fold would be ready and currently being tested. However, it will not be a device with a folding display, but two screens linked by a hinge. Microsoft has also chosen to adopt this form factor for the upcoming Surface Duo. The leaker stated that the result is still excellent: the hinge that binds the two elements seems almost non-existent.

Even if Jon Prosser has repeatedly proved to be a very reliable leaker, the news still remains an indiscretion, having no official details.

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