Apple Care, increases the period for its activation in the United States

Apple Care, increases the period for its activation in the United States
According to an article published in Bloomberg, Apple appears to have informed employees of retail and customer service stores in the United States and Canada that buyers of devices such as iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watches and others again, they will have up to a year to purchase AppleCare + coverage.

Remember that, until now, only sixty days were allowed from the date of purchase to add the AppleCare service to the purchased hardware. Obviously, even if the window of time during which you can proceed with the purchase of AppleCare has been extended, it is necessary that the operation of the device is normal and that the item is free from accidental damage.

However , it seems that, to take advantage of this possibility, it is necessary to purchase AppleCare + at full price or by paying in installments via Apple Card. Indeed, those who want to use other methods will not be eligible.

In a reminder Apple sent to its personal and seen by Bloomberg is reported:

This gives customers another opportunity to protect their device and have access to all the benefits of AppleCare +.

AppleCare + with theft and loss includes up to two cases of coverage for accidental damage, theft or loss every 24 months. Both levels of AppleCare + serve as a complement to the one-year limited warranty provided in any case with each Apple-branded hardware.

At the moment we don't know if this initiative will be replicated in Italy.

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