Amazon Pharmacy: Bezos in the drug business

Amazon Pharmacy: Bezos in the drug business
The international rollout of Amazon Pharmacy continues, a service that has already been active in the United States for some time and will soon make its debut in India. No precise timing is indicated in the official press release. The news does not directly affect Europe or our country, but confirms the intention to expand its range of action internationally. Rumors about the possible arrival in the old continent date back to the beginning of this year.

Amazon Pharmacy's reach expands

Amazon's activity on this front has taken overseas the go-ahead following the acquisition of PillPack with a service called "PillPack by Amazon Pharmacy". There as in the Indian territory, it allows you to receive both over-the-counter and prescription medicines at home. Among the advantages offered are those related to the cost: no extra costs for transport, you only pay the price of the product. In addition, reminders and instructions are provided for correct recruitment as explained in the video below.

document.createElement ('video'); The interest of Jeff Bezos' group in the medical field is evidenced among other things by the launch of the Amazon Comprehend in late 2018 Medical from AWS. This is an offer intended for healthcare professionals who make the potential of cloud infrastructures and machine learning available to professionals to perform the analysis of clinical data in an efficient and optimized way.

Source: Reuters

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