A new set of metal dice has been announced for D&D

A new set of metal dice has been announced for D&D
As Dungeons and Dragons fans will know, Wizards of the Coast earlier this summer announced the new 2020 D&D adventure, revealed during the D&D Live 2020 charity event, Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden. Today WotC also announced the sale of a set of metal dice, made in collaboration with Ultra Pro.

In addition to the adventure, as every year, Wizards of the Coast will make available a new Set of plastic dice, included in an adventure-inspired collector's box, and a Platinum Edition made by Beadle & Grim's at a price of 499 dollars, containing in addition to the adventure, several maps, a Screen for the Dungeon Master and much more .

It is not the first time that Ultra Pro and Wizards of the Coast have collaborated to make dice sets, last October a set of dice called Heavy Metal, consisting of two dice a twenty red and black zinc alloy faces. The Californian family-owned company, a leader in the production and supply of sports and collectible accessories, has announced that it is working on the creation of two official sets of dice for Dungeons and Dragons inspired by Icewind Dale.

The first set will be composed of two dice twenty-sided deeply incised in order to increase the readability and durability, which show the place of the 20 the logo of Dungeons & Dragons. This set will cost $ 14.99 . The second set will be composed by seven dice: a dice with four faces, one to six, one to eight-sided, one-to-ten, a nut percentile, a nut, a twelve and a twenty-sided die. This set, the more complete of the first, will cost $ 49.99 . All the nuts produced by Ultra PRO are made of zinc alloy , ten times heavier then the classic dice made of plastic, created from a mold of a numbers randomized. The set will be placed on the market in November 2020, while the release of Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden is scheduled for September 15, 2020 .

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