A foldable screen eBook reader from E Ink

A foldable screen eBook reader from E Ink
We already have smartphones with folding screens, PCs will soon arrive, later on it will be up to eBook readers. The latter is the idea proposed by E Ink Corporation, a company working on technology currently present on almost every device for digital books.

Even the eBook reader becomes foldable

Below is the video showing the prototype in action. It can somehow be compared to one of the many foldables already launched or put in the pipeline by the manufacturers of the mobile market, but the screen is not in color and the panel is very similar to that of the eBook readers already on the market. It supports stylus interaction so that it can act as a digital notepad for saving texts and notes.

Being at the moment something not intended for sales, it is not known if ever a device of this type will debut or at what price. At least at first, the expense might not be contained.

However, it is legitimate to ask whether it is worth it: if the intention is to digitally replicate the functions of a book or those of a notebook, why to use a single folding screen instead of a hinge in the middle? After all, that's what we've always dealt with. Perhaps a design more similar to that proposed by Microsoft with Surface Duo and Surface Neo, characterized by separate and independent panels, would be more functional as well as less subject to the risk of breakages or malfunctions caused by stress over time.

Source : Good e-Reader

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