Vaccines and espionage: the cold war is online

Vaccines and espionage: the cold war is online
Stories of spies, vaccines and espionage. But all this is far from the collective imagination linked to the cold war and to the cinema 007: now the question is completely digitalized, made of mutual accusations and virtual traces that the respective managers would have left on files and servers.

China, espionage, vaccines

The new treasure is the health secrets related to the treatment and vaccine for the coronavirus, the protagonists are once again East and West: first the accusations against Russia, now the tightest arguments against China. Names and surnames, but without smoking guns for now. FBI director Christopher Wray explained how the Bureau is working tirelessly on the Chinese espionage track, but in the last few weeks there have been Li Xiaoyu and Dong Jiazhi, 34-year-old engineers who have repeatedly targeted US structures in somehow related to research on vaccines.

Li Xiaoyu and Dong Jiazhi: the FBI identikit

Difficult to understand the tenor of the accusations and at the same time the defense of the Government seems hardly credible Chinese who just stigmatizes every case related to hypothetical cyber attacks. The truth is that industrial secrets are certainly precious commodities and at this stage some secrets are more precious than others, but all this lives on the accusations without evidence that the parties lash out exactly like during the cold war of the 80s. All we can do is collect the facts cited by the FBI (we do not know what the White House suggests) and the New York Times, put them together and try to photograph in this situation how much truth and how imaginative there may be.

The FBI has no doubts: Li and Dong would be inextricably linked with the guidance and coordination of the chinese intelligence , thus becoming the tools of the spy of the State of the Country to the east. Initiatives impromptu, nor closely related to a private interest, but rather the result of the activities of the state.

Interesting the disclaimer at the end that the FBI has wanted to add to their official communication:

our concerns are not related to the chinese people, nor to the chinese who live in America, but specifically to the chinese government and the chinese communist party.

According to the FBI are not in dispute the business with China, in short, but violations of the national with which China puts at risk the intellectual property of the USA. Which goes to prop-up the strategy of Trump against the eastern Country, removing possible distortions of interpretation, and using the names of Them night lights), and Dong Jiazhi as levers against the spying of the east.

Source: FBI

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