The Right Stuff: on Disney + the stories of the pioneers of space

The Right Stuff: on Disney + the stories of the pioneers of space
Among the various virtual encounters that are taking place during Comic-Con @ Home last night was the turn of The Right Stuff, the original National Geographic TV series that will land on Disney +. The Right Stuff will be the family drama adaptation of the book by Tom Wolfe (in Italy the book was published by Mondadori with the title The right stuff).

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Former NASA astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison doing the honors of the house and saw the participation of the cast of the series: Patrick J. Adams (Major John Glenn), Jake McDorman (Lieutenant Commander Alan Shepard), Colin O'Donoghue (Captain Gordon Cooper), Michael Trotter (Gus Grissom), Aaron Staton (Wally Schirra), Micah Stock (Deke Slayton), James Lafferty (Scott Carpenter), Nora Zehetner (Annie Glenn), Shannon Lucio (Louise Shepard ), Eloise Mumford (Trudy Cooper), Eric Ladin (Chris Kraft), and Patrick Fischler (Bob Gilruth). The showrunner and executive producer Mark Lafferty and executive producer Jennifer Davisson also participate. During the conference two clips were shown; the first a teaser trailer, which introduces the tone and the interpreters of these pioneers of space, the second is a short excerpt from the first episode and shows the events from the point of view of Alan Shepard.

The Right Stuff will place the accent on the human side of a story that had an imposing historical relevance. It was essential for the authors to underline the magnitude of these events and the people involved, giving the narration an epic connotation.

The title of the book and series, The Right Stuff, refers to the requirements necessary to select the right men for this task, in this sense the protagonists of the series will be portrayed as men and women without fear, able to embody in themselves the role of the predestined.

The Right Stuff, produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, will be set in 1959 and tells the story of the first seven astronauts of the NASA Mercury Seven . This period, which can be defined as the peak of the Cold War , has seen the great powers of the United States and the Soviet Union engaged in a race for the conquest of space. Parties at a disadvantage to the opponents, the United States will seek to cost whatever it costs to send men in space, giving two years of time, the newly formed space agency, in order to succeed in this titanic undertaking.

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