Teamfight Tactics Patch 10.15 Preview: What Should We Expect?

Teamfight Tactics Patch 10.15 Preview: What Should We Expect?
Teamfight Tactics patch 10.15, whose release is scheduled for the night of Wednesday 22 July, is almost upon us!

There is still no certain news from the Riot Games publisher, but from that that have leaked, it seems that balances are foreseen for the Champions, the Traits and the Galaxies!

But ... let's not fret and let's start immediately!


Orange = buff | Azzurro = Nerf

[Cost 1]


The duration of the blinding increases from 2/3/5 to 2/3/6


Attack speed bonus is reduced from 75/85/99% to 50/60/75%

[Cost 2]

HP HP increased from 750 to 800

Mana decreased from 0/60 to 0/50


Skill damage increased from 200/200/375 to 200 / 250/500


HP decreased from 700 to 650

[Cost 3]


Initial mana decreased from 50/100 to 40/100

Master Yi:

Armor increased from 30 to 50

Magic Resist increased from 20 to 35


Starting mana increased from 25/100 to 35/100

[Cost 4]


Attack speed increased from 50 / 75/100% to 75/100/150%


Bonus AD decreased from 350/500/4444 to 344/444/4444


Mana decreased from 0/70 to 0/60

[Cost 5]


Initial mana is reduced from 30/100 to 20 / 100 m² Traits

Celestials: the cure has been reduced from 20/45/150 to 15/45/150


The "Galactic Armory Galaxy" will be modified!

Now all players will get THE SAME 3 items per item, compared to 2 full items.

Neeko's Universe will be removed!

"Plunder Planet" added: each time a player defeats an enemy, he gets extra coins.

In other words, the stretch of the Space Pirates will always be active , but with the probability of 100%? Mhn.. we will be rich!

we'll know more later this evening , when will the full programme of the patch , so don't forget to follow us to stay updated!

see you at Convergence!

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Last modified: July 21, 2020

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