Looking for a job? IT offers opportunities, here are which

Looking for a job? IT offers opportunities, here are which
Italy is experiencing a particular situation by virtue of the fact that, since the layoffs are suspended until August 31st, it is not yet clear how many companies will decide to cut costs through a staff cut. The hope is that the contagion curve remains under control and that markets can return to flow, making autumn a moment of revival instead of a phase of risk. However, the market is also opening new positions and it can be useful to have an overview of the job opportunities available to anticipate what autumn mobility could be.

Who fires, who hires LinkedIn itself, as is known, has announced layoffs worldwide (except in Italy, where the cuts will be discussed from September onwards by virtue of the regulatory blockade). Another thing known is the fact that in the last few months the number of hires has collapsed, because in the era of isolation and lockdown an increase in staff was unthinkable except in the few jobs put under stress precisely by the pandemic event in progress . At the same time, as LinkedIn points out on the basis of a research by the Fondazione Deloitte Observatory, “one company out of four in Italy was unable to find the suitable profiles when it found itself looking for</a> specialized figures in the scientific field- technological. In particular, the most unavailable professionals were found to be mechanical, automation and information engineers. "

highlight the jobs available in this phase can, therefore, be particularly useful, and the search engine of LinkedIn concerning the open positions is clearly a fundamental point of reference to increase its gaze on the horizon of the existing possibilities. Here are a few from our selection, and from the indications originating from the same social network, but beware: every single ad has its own specifications, therefore, we must examine carefully and evaluate what they may be real opportunities for your professional career.


200 hiring immediately available in Amazon , that Italy has already promised to want to gamble; 1 Google Adwords Specialist at GM Academy 1 senior manager carcasi for Apple to Turin 1 the Product Manager for the Easy.en 110 engineers, programmers and developers are among the research I ; 1 Java backend developer, 1 frontend developer and 1 Artificial Intelligence Specialist for Glickon ; Various open positions in IBM Italy , on various fronts, in Various positions at Altran , many of which are in the field of design and development; 1 communication specialist for the FAO : an interesting challenge for many; more Than 30 seats available at GameStop as a sales representatives: experts on gaming wanted; Source: LinkedIn

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